Ubuntu15 Sep 2010 03:20 pm

I’m still mostly using Firefox but there has been sufficient interest in using the Launchpad Greasemonkey Scripts in Chromium that I’ve been testing and fixing them to work well with it.

Most of the scripts (lp_highlight_words, lp_karma_suffix, lp_prefilled_description and lp_question_comment) just worked. Well, mostly just worked – I was having an issue where they weren’t always showing up after the first loading of the web page but I’ve resolved that in revision 139 of the launchpad-gm-scripts bzr branch.

One of the most useful scripts, lp_chrome_stockreplies (notice the special version for Chromium), took a bit more work to get functioning. The editing and saving of responses now works great, however it is not possible to load the standard responses from the xml file as XMLHttpRequests are limited to the same domain. Once you get some responses saved though the script is still is a huge help.

The scripts can be installed on an individual basis by browsing the project’s code and clicking the “Download” link or branching the whole tree and opening the scripts in Chromium. As always file any bugs you find about the Launchpad Greasemonkey Scripts project.

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  1. on 17 Sep 2010 at 2:18 am Shahar

    Dear Brian,

    Good work.


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