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The other week Rick blogged about some work I’d done for bughugger. I’ve written more than just some team assigned JSON queries for bughugger though.

An additional one that I wrote is for no package bug reports, it is just a json file of all the open bug reports without a package. However, you can do some very very interesting things with it. In the following screenshot I’ve filtered for all bug reports that are tagged ‘needs-packaging’ and sorted them by name.

Marking Duplicate

Then of course I found duplicates! Another feature of bughugger that I’ve worked on is writing plugins for it. A plugin is python launchpadlib script for modifying a bug report or bug reports. You can see in the screenshot that I am marking bug 286716 as a duplicate of 282467. This plugin confirms the duplicate bug, adds a comment about the bug being a duplicate and actually marks the bug as a duplicate. I love bughugger’s ability to filter and sort very large groups of bugs. Combining this with the power of plugins for modifying bugs is awesome!

You can even combine multiple layers of filtering. As I going through the bugs I thought I saw a request for KBasic more than once. Here I’ve filtered on the tag ‘needs-packaging’ and ‘asic’ in the bug title.

Additional Filtering

More duplicate bugs consolidated! Looking at the ‘needs-packaging’ bug reports there is some further cleanup to the titles that could be done so it is easier to sort the list by title and identify the software to be packaged. Some of the titles had stuff like “Create Package: xyz” or “Please package: uvw”. Unfortunately, there is no plugin for mass modification of bug titles using regular expressions – yet!

However, there are plugins for tagging a bug based off the apport release information in a bug’s description. There is also one for adding any tag you want to a bug report, and another for marking a bug as incomplete and asking people to run apport-collect for their bug. The plugins are installed in /usr/lib/bughugger/plugins/ (if you want to check them out) but ~/.bughugger/plugins/ is also checked if you want to write your own. All of the features I’ve written about are available in the latest PPA version of bughugger. Go bear hug some bugs!

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  1. on 26 Feb 2010 at 12:18 am Duncan McGreggor

    Dude! Nice write-up. I’ve emailed the Landscape team about this, just in case they haven’t seen it. Holy hells, the hours this would have saved me last year…


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