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Now that apport-noui, a package to automatically report crashes to the Ubuntu Error Tracker without user interaction, has been proven to work well on Ubuntu devices I was wondering what it would take to get it running on my Mythbuntu 14.04 install as I was tired of getting the occasional apport dialog when I was trying to watch TV.

I had to backport a couple of apport fixes and also backported one whoopsie fix that will log the OOPS ID of any reported crashes to /var/log/syslog. I’ve put these updated versions of apport and whoopsie in my PPA, however they are acceptable for a Stable Release Update and depending on the interest I will upload them to the SRU queue.

I added my PPA to my 14.04 system:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:brian-murray/ppa

I then installed the apport-noui package on it.

sudo apt-get install apport-noui

I’ve been running it for about a week now and looked in my /var/crash/ directory on my Mythtv system to discover a .crash and a correpsonding .uploaded file. The .uploaded file means that the crash was sent to the Ubuntu Error Tracker.

While I could inspect the .crash file on my system to see what it is about let’s look for the OOPS ID in /var/log/syslog.

Feb 20 10:38:54 flash whoopsie[8223]: Parsing
Feb 20 10:38:54 flash whoopsie[8223]: Uploading
Feb 20 10:38:56 flash whoopsie[8223]: Sent; server replied with: No error
Feb 20 10:38:56 flash whoopsie[8223]: Response code: 200
Feb 20 10:38:56 flash whoopsie[8223]: Reported OOPS ID

The crash can be found at the Error Tracker at https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/2ad9d3f0-b6b8-11e4-bf61-fa163e707a72. On the problem instance page we can see a line labelled Problem and that is a link to the bucket for these crashes. These crashes seem to occur pretty frequently, so I’ve opened a Launchpad bug report corresponding to the crash.

Let me know if you think this is useful (or if you have any issues) and I’ll work on getting this into the Trusty and Utopic SRU queues.

4 Responses to “Automatic crash reporting”

  1. on 20 Feb 2015 at 3:45 pm Dimitri John Ledkov

    Apport for Ubuntu Server!

  2. on 20 Feb 2015 at 4:01 pm Brian Murray

    Ah you see where this might be going!

  3. on 25 Feb 2015 at 1:01 pm Nicholas Slkaggs

    This would be hugely beneficial to people who get inundated with apport dialogs. It would be a welcomed addition to trusty.

  4. on 16 Dec 2015 at 3:12 pm Selling

    Sending crash logs to Ubuntu is fine by me I just wish they would send them to me too! (I am having a poeblrm with my system freezing up, requiring a hard reboot maybe a crash log, if there was one, would help me diagnose it.)

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