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Somewhat recently I was looking at the Ubuntu Foundations team’s bugs with the most duplicates. In a couple of cases I wanted to find out more information about the properties of the duplicate bug reports. For example, I was looking at one package installation failure and searching for duplicates of the same issue and wasn’t finding any at all which seemed rather strange to me. I looked at a couple of the 48 duplicates of this bug report and noticed they were reported by the same person. It occurred to me that I really wanted to check all the the duplicates and see who the reporter was, so I wrote a tool to do just that.

./lp-bug-dupe-properties --reporter --bug 1234567

LP: #1234567 has 40 duplicates
brian-murray: 2345678 3456789 …

So bug 1234567, a fake example, isn’t as important as the duplicate count would have led you to believe, but there are more things it would be good to know about duplicate bugs. Like when they were reported:

./lp-bug-dupe-properties --bug 902603 --day

LP: #902603 has 250 duplicates
2011-12-10: 902605 902606 902607 902608
2011-12-11: 902775 902776 …

Or the release tags that the duplicates possess.

./lp-bug-dupe-properties --bug 902603 --rtags

LP: #902603 has 250 duplicates
precise: 902605 902606 …

Finally one thing specific to Ubuntu that would be quite helpful are the values of apport keys that appear in the bug description. For example:

./lp-bug-dupe-properties --bug 708517 -D Package

LP: #708517 has 52 duplicates
plymouth 0.8.2-2ubuntu17: 725753 725754 730377 734480
plymouth 0.8.2-2ubuntu18: 738127 738374 739290 739712 740071

Here we’ve checked the bug description of every duplicate to see what value appears in the Package key of the description that was created by apport. This was useful to tell what the latest version of the package the bug was reported about.

lp-bug-dupe-properties was just merged into the bzr branch of lptools. I hope you find it useful.

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  1. on 26 Jun 2012 at 2:35 pm A. Denton

    I like your tool. Nevertheless I doubt the number of 94 thousand bugs will be reduced drastically with this tool as long as Canonical invests more time in GUIs than fixing critical stuff. Maybe that’s a bit lump-sum somehow, but a lot of people think that way.

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