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As an Ubuntu user I end up encountering some bugs and as I’ve been using Ubuntu for some time now I’ve reported quite a few of them, 83, which are still open.

As a defect analyst and bug triager I know developers and triagers can’t get get to every bug report and some may end up sitting in one state or another. However, one way I can improve this situation as a bug reporter is by reviewing the bugs I’ve reported after a new version of Ubuntu has been released.

For example, today I looked at the bugs I reported and discovered that some were about packages no longer available in Ubuntu, they also were not eligible for a Stable Release Update, so I set those bug reports to Invalid. I also found a bug report that was fixed in Ubuntu 11.10 and a bug report with new information from upstream that I added to the Ubuntu bug report.

You can find bugs you’ve reported about Ubuntu by going to bug reports about Ubuntu in Launchpad and clicking on “Bugs reported by me” in the portlet on the right hand side. I encourage you to review the bugs you’ve reported and see if they are still relevant (are they fixed or no longer valid?) or could benefit from more information (updated steps to recreate the bug?). Additionally, if the bug’s status is New you could ask a fellow Ubuntu user to recreate the bug and set it to Confirmed.

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  1. on 18 Nov 2011 at 1:00 pm Roger Pixley

    Yep I do this after new KDE releases just to help clean up. Also if I hear someone has an issue in an older version that for my testing I’ve found fixed in my version I’ll do a search for bugs reported on that and add my experience with a suggestion for the original person to test and see if it’s been fixed for them.

  2. on 18 Nov 2011 at 1:10 pm Brian Murray

    That’s great Roger, thanks for helping out!

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