As I previously mentioned I’ve been working some on the Ubuntu Error Tracker. A bit ago, I added the ability to search for crashes about a source package using a url like A source package can also be selected by choosing the package in the package selection drop down box and then entering the specific package name.

In addition to this there is now a selection for ‘packages subscribed to by’. This selection allows you to input a Launchpad user name, for example brian-murray, and see package’s bug listing page to subscribe to bugs about that package. If you don’t want more bug mail but still desire this functionality of consider setting up a subscription for bug reports that only have the tag ‘bugs-will-never-ever-ever-have-this-tag’.

Just as with the package parameter, you can append ‘user=brian-murray’ to the url which makes it easier to share queries. Naturally, this also works for teams in Launchpad, like the Foundations Bugs team. However, because this particular team is subscribed to hundreds of packages, we’ve created a table in the database for caching the packages for some teams instead of querying Launchpad for the list of packages every time.

During vUDS I gave a lightning talk where you can see this new feature in action and some of my comic book collection!