I’ve recently started working on the Ubuntu error tracker code base and I’ve recently rolled out one feature that I’m excited about and hope that you find useful.

Errors are recorded about binary packages and when you look at the most common problems table you are seeing the names of binary packages. Being a long time Launchpad bugs user I found this somewhat confusing at first and as an Ubuntu developer I work with source code so I’m curious about the crashes regarding source packages that I work on. Subsequently, I’ve added the ability to search by source packages on errors.ubuntu.com and find all the errors about the binary packages created by that source package.

You can do this by entering the name of a source package, usb-creator for example, in the text box (which is prefilled with ‘all binary packages’) on the errors home page. Another way to perform the search is using the url parameter that the text box sets e.g. ‘package=usb-creator’. Using that our complete url becomes https://errors.ubuntu.com/?package=usb-creator.

Now we see crashes in usb-creator-gtk, usb-creator-kde and usb-creator-common. The ability to search by source package is an important part of another change I am working that will allow you to view errors about the packages to which a Launchpad user is subscribed.

One other change that I’ve made is showing the release a version of a package is from on a bucket page.

Package Versions

This allows you to quickly tell how many of the instances of the problem are affecting the latest version of the package. In this particular case 666!