During my time working on Launchpad I didn’t work on the Launchpad Greasemonkey Scripts very much. However, when I was talking to Carlos at UDS for Natty it occurred to us that it might be useful to have a greasemonkey script to help with repeated searches for bug reports. While there are currently searches for New bugs, Critical bugs, Bugs assigned to me … there are some others that might be useful. To that end I’ve written lp_more_bug_links.user.js.

More Bug Links

It appends some additional bug searches to bugfilters portlet on Launchpad. A question mark is displayed for the bug count as there isn’t an easy way to discover this number. I think there are some really powerful searches included (Incomplete w/ response, Bugs I reported, Bugs I am subscribed to) which are quite handy to have one click away. I’ve also added this to the firefox-lp-improvements ppa.

If you have any ideas of additional searches to add in please let me know!