July 2010

Launchpad and Ubuntu23 Jul 2010 12:38 pm

At the Launchpad EPIC, Leonard gave a lightning talk indicating that we should use the latest version of launchpadlib as it contains some performance improvements. As a heavy user of the API, I followed up with him and discovered that these performance improvements are only available in the Maverick version of the package which doesn’t help everyone. He gave me a set of patches, which really affect python-lazr.restfulclient, that contained the fixes so I could work on getting them in Lucid. With the upcoming point release of Lucid it won’t be possible to get the new package in -updates right away. Subsequently, I’ve created made the package available in my PPA. If you are using python-launchpadlib a lot I recommend using the updated lazr.restfulclient. If you have any issues with the package please comment on the SRU bug.

Ubuntu01 Jul 2010 07:32 am

The 4th series of The IT Crowd has started and I’m happy to see that Roy and Moss still support Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Logo

My wife noticed a second logo in the episode but I’ll leave that as an exercise for you.