February 2010

Funny15 Feb 2010 09:58 pm

Seattle Parking Receipt

after c and the 2nd time you spell it on a piece of paper in Seattle.

Funny12 Feb 2010 10:56 am


Are those California spelling requirements too?

Ubuntu09 Feb 2010 02:33 pm

I recently bought a new laptop, an HP Touchsmart TM2 (official model number tm2t-1000), and I thought I’d share my experience running Ubuntu on it. I wanted to get a tablet PC with a touchscreen so I could read comic books, rather silly perhaps but when all basic functionality is met why not do something special! Incidentally, I purchased it with an Intel video card instead of the ATI one.

So about running Lucid on it – nearly everything works perfectly. I ended up having to compile a newer wacom kernel module to get the touchscreen and pen working, but I’ve reported a bug about it and hope it gets included in Lucid somehow.

The keyboard is also rather interesting as the function keys have had their primary use changed to “action” keys. So pressing F12 turns off the wireless and does not act as F12. I ended up finding a BIOS setting though where this can be changed so that F12 acts like F12 and one must Fn + F12 to turn off the wireless.

Action Keys

Also the touchpad has no real buttons and the right click area does not work as drawn on the touchpad. I need to press in the bottom right hand corner of the touchpad to receive the right click menu. Additionally, it is not possible to turn off the touchpad at the moment.

The wireless, VGA and HDMI out ports all work perfectly. Aside of the wacom driver, the issues I am having are rather small in my opinion and I’m really liking my new system. Aside of all the fingerprints I end up leaving on the screen!


Ubuntu05 Feb 2010 02:56 pm

In an effort to address the volume of unfixed bugs with patches we have created an Ubuntu Review Team for reviewing them. I’ve written a launchpadlib script that will subscribe the team to any bugs with patches where the patch has been added after February 1st. Depending on the throughput of that queue we will start subscribing the team to older patches. You can view the bugs the team is currently subscribed to here.

The team is also setup with a mailing list for receiving bug mail. By subscribing to the mailing list you will receive notification of these bugs with patches. The process for handling these bug reports is being documented (its a work in progress as we encounter different types of bugs) in the Ubuntu wiki.

And of course there are graphs to track the progress of the queues. Please help to make Ubuntu even better by reviewing these patches and adding them to the proper queue for sponsoring!