At the Ubuntu Developer Summit for the Karmic Koala the QA team discussed making it easier to install and receive updates of the Launchpad Greasemonkey Scripts project.

The result of the specification is a PPA package of a single Firefox extension that incorporates the majority of the greasemonkey scripts. In the preferences for the extension it is possible to enable or disable scripts on an individual basis.

In case you aren’t familiar with the scripts included in the extension they make various changes to Launchpad including:

  • Visually identifying attachments that are patches
  • Identify bug comments from the original reporter
  • Prefill the comment box when converting a bug to a question
  • Append karma and team membership information to people in bug reports
  • Display stencils (loaded from an xml file) for tagging bug reports
  • Present standard responses (loaded from an xml file) for triaging bug

If you encounter any issues with the scripts please file a bug about the launchpad-gm-scripts project.