June 2008

Ubuntu30 Jun 2008 04:50 pm

Launchpad parses bug comments for links to other bug tracking systems and identifies these as bug watches in the “Remote bug watches” portlet.  However, bugs with upstream tasks that are linked to bug reports at other bug tracking systems are also referred to as bug watches.  So a report like the Debian bug tracker bug watches isn’t useful for finding these unlinked watches because it contains both kinds of watches.

Subsequently, I wrote a database query to find all the bug reports that have comments referring to another bug tracker but no upstream task.  The subsequent report contains the bug number and the name of the bug tracker mentioned.  It only includes Ubuntu bug reports that are New, Incomplete, Confirmed or Triaged and is updated daily.

What do you do if the remote bug mentioned in a comment is not related?  It is possible to delete these bug watches by clicking on the pencil in the “Remote bug watches” portlet for the relevant bug watch and then clicking the “Delete Bug Watch” button.  This will remove them from the next run of the report.

There are currently 1629 bugs listed in the report, but ideally the number should be close to zero.

Kids28 Jun 2008 09:58 pm

Background: We were watching Young Indiana Jones and he was in Florence.

Sarah – “Your dad has been there he has travelled a lot of places.”

Twin B – “The place Dad travels the most is the Internet!”

Ubuntu27 Jun 2008 06:29 pm

I tend to look at a few Ubuntu bug reports on any given day.  Today I ran across one comment that I thought was quite funny and just had to share.

Yada yada … ‘BTW is there any chance that you can call the next release or so of UBUNTU “The Dog’s Bollocks?”- I assume you are in the States but just in case you think I’m being abusive – the Dog’s is Northern English slang for the best thing since sliced bread’

I actually run into lots of interesting things in bug reports.  If you haven’t already give bug triaging a shot to find out for yourself!

Kids03 Jun 2008 12:10 pm

Every once in a while my kids say something that makes me laugh hysterically.  I thought it would be a good idea to record them and this seems like as good a place as any.  Background: I bought an HD-DVD player and we were watching the HD-DVD of Planet Earth.

Me – “My Dad has all of them [the Planet Earth Boxset] but they aren’t HD-DVDs”

Twin B – “Oh man, that would suck bad!”