May 2008

Wilhelm27 May 2008 09:24 pm

I had actually stopped renting movies just to find Wilhelms.  I think I’d reached the bottom of the barrel and anything else I need to rent is really unappealing.  So it was a great surprise to find one in Juno of all places!

Juno isn’t the first film to include the Wilhelm in a movie within the movie.  I believe Poltergeist, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, and an X-Files episode all use this trick to fit in a Wilhelm.  In Juno though the clip with the Wilhelm is actually named – The Wizard of Gore, which Netflix happens to have and is in my queue.  The scream occurs in Chapter 13 of Juno.

Photos27 May 2008 04:41 pm

I’ve uploaded the photographs I took in Prague while at the Ubuntu Developer’s Summit for Intrepid Ibex – 8.10’s code name.